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It felt like this week was going to be a total bust. Waiting out the weather in Vegas had been fun but just as I was about leave, I came down with a really bad flu. I went to get out of bed and realised there was no way that was going to happen. Once again I had to delay my desert plans and try to recuperate.

That only lasted two days because I am impatient and I started to get ‘fear of missing out’ syndrome so after a couple of extra nights I set off towards the Grand Canyon. Turns out I should have not been so hasty. The sun was shining as I gingerly made my way out of the multi-story car park and onto the highway out of Vegas.

Within an hour it was pelting down, piercing rain coming from all angles. It was made all that much worse by the fact that  every muscle in my body was aching. My lower back was absolutely killing me and I wished I had just stayed in bed. I have ridden through some tough weather, long days and endless km’s but that was the first day I had been in real pain on the bike.

It made me realise just what I perfect ride I had accidentally chosen all those months ago on the internet. There aren’t many long term riders that don’t suffer from some kind of discomfort on their bike, yet here I was after 6 months feeling miserable riding for the first time. Of course that wasn’t Yogi’s fault, it was my flu, but it made me so much more grateful for him.

I had only gone 3.5 hours but it felt like an absolute lifetime. I had chills and even turning my jacket up to burn level hadn’t kept me warm. I had a long shower and reassessed my plans for the coming week. I was supposed to be meeting one of my all time favourite people, Laura, in Buffalo in a few weeks. With all these delays and the weather turning colder much earlier than expected, I have had to settle for waiting until NYC to see her 🙁

Not even Elvis could cheer me up

This week has been a particularly tough one. I really feel like I hadn’t made any progress, because well, I haven’t. Being unwell also has the ability to make you feel sorry for yourself. I woke up this morning not having a clue where the week went and what we had achieved. With that in mind, I rugged up and decided that we would try to at least finish on a high.

Thankfully we did, today was the highlight of the week. Yogi got a rare ride without all his gear on as we went on a day trip to the Grand Canyon. It was a chilly ride and I was surprised to see snow capped mountains in the distance. The sun was out and the fog that had blanketed the canyon cleared not long before we arrived. It was  a breath taking sight. It really is one of those places that reminds you just how insignificant we all are, my favourite thing about travel.

It was worth the ride
You just have to see it for yourself

Returning for the night to the small town of Williams in Arizona, I had the afternoon to take a stroll down the main street and enjoy the wild west vibe. It has been quite fun staying here the past two evenings, cowboys, steakhouses and giant utes everywhere you look. It made me realise once again, how my misfortune with the weather has dealt a new ace.

Does it get more Americana than an Airstream on Route 66!


The lovely town of Williams

I was really looking forward to doing a big loop through the canyons of Utah, and unfortunately with the weather (surprise!), my short time and the dirt tracks now red clay nightmares, it doesn’t look like that is going to happen this trip. The canyons are now well below zero overnight 🙁

The flooded desert

Never fear, Yogi and I are currently doing what we do best. Creating a new plan! So, as I have accidentally happened upon, arguably one of the most famous motoring roads in the world, Route 66, we shall take the opportunity to follow it as far east as possible.

I think I posted last week on social that I am now a weekly contributor to and then totally forgot to tell you all about it. As a result of this little blog, the editor of one of the largest adventure motorcycle websites reached out and asked me to write for them about my travels. It was totally unexpected and I have been really excited to have the opportunity to share my adventures with a wider audience. I will put the links to my first few articles at the bottom in case you want to check it out. Feeling pretty pleased with myself 🙂

On a complete side note. Anyone that knows me well would know I am a huge Abba fan. As I tapped away on this blog, Momma Mia has been on in the background, WTF. That is a true crime against music and I knew I was right all these years refusing to watch it. I need a lie down.

Love Kylie and Yogi x

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