Freedom, what does that mean? I don’t have an answer to right now. I feel confident it would and should mean something different to everyone. I am hoping each link I make in the chain will get me closer to finding an answer.

Whilst this blog is here to document my solo motorbike journey the long way around the world from London to New York City, I hope it also serves another purpose. To inspire you to discover what freedom means for you. We all have something, or more likely many things that make us feel “chained”. Maybe its work or money, difficult family situations or the past you can’t let go of. It’s different for everyone but one thing I know unites us all is the allure of the concept of freedom.

My hope is through challenging myself, facing my own fears and using my little Honda’s chain to keep driving me forward across the globe I will discover what it means to be free.

I am incredibly grateful for the amazing friends, family and strangers (new friends) who have already helped me to get on my way and I can’t wait to make many more new friends out on the road.

If you are reading this I hope you stop and ask what chains are holding you back? How do you make freedom your reality, in your own way?

The world is an amazing place. Be brave. Explore. Break free from your chains and live.